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Summit Agenda



Delve into the essence of community development. We have three esteemed real estate developers sharing their insights on what community means and the work that goes into community development.



Focus on creating collaboration. In this segment, we'll hear from a real estate broker, a real estate analyst, an architect, and a general contractor about the importance of teamwork in real estate projects and community building.



Address one of the most critical aspects of real estate development—capital solutions. Our experts, including a community banker, an investor, and an accountant, will share their insights on securing funding and financial readiness.

To give you a sneak peek of what’s in store

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Presented by Simply Sustained

At Simply Sustained, we are passionate about empowering Black and Indigenous communities through real estate development and strategic advisory services. Our mission is to provide the knowledge, resources, and support necessary for these communities to achieve real estate and capital readiness, and sustainable growth. We host a range of events, including summits, workshops, and webinars, focused on community development, real estate equity, capital solutions, and innovative financing models. Our goal is to bring together industry leaders, community members, and experts to share insights, foster collaboration, and drive impactful change. Join us and be part of the journey towards equitable and sustainable community development.

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