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Imagine an economic transformation in your neighborhood, one that promotes the sustainable well-being of individuals, communities, businesses, and the environment.


Through the guiding principles of sustainability and community development, came Simply Sustained---A non-profit organization providing comprehensive resources to black community-based and led businesses and real estate projects located in urban areas. Over the years, Simply Sustained has helped countless black-led business owners and organizations achieve their real estate goals and reach new levels of success in their communities.

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Empowering Black-led Community Developers, Small Businesses, and Social Enterprises to Achieve Economic Stability in Their Communities through Our Real Estate Expertise. Benefits:

Achieve Strategic Vision and Planning Goals for Community Development, Wealth Creation, and Improved Quality of Life in Black Communities

Overcome Challenges and Risk Associated with Real Estate Projects

Access to Expertise in Navigating the Real Estate Industry 

Empowerment and Contribution to Building a Stronger and More Resilient Future for Black-led Organizations and Their Communities

Modern Housing Complex

From Roadblocks to Community Transformations

Build sustainable communities through successful real estate ventures

Strategic Partnerships

Connect with the right Partners to remediate blighted and vacant properties

Economic Development

Promote community planning & investment, economic development, and ownership

Build Communities 

Enhance quality of life through dedicated funding sources and community development

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