Imagine an economic transformation in Baltimore City neighborhoods, one that promotes the sustainable well-being of individuals, communities and the environment.

Over brunch downtown, our team connected and shared our stories about trying to find places to call homes, or locating small businesses in our city. This conversation focused on the topics of cost of living, locally grown foods, energy consumption, community resources, and efficient public spaces. It brought to our attention the common desires of living in spaces that are affordable, eating healthy foods, and working in spaces that are connected to the community. Through the guiding principles of sustainability and community development, came Simply Sustained---A non-profit organization that strives to make sustainable, efficient, and affordable living and working spaces available in Baltimore, MD.

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Baltimore City


Sustainability: strengthening community through collaborative social, environmental, and economic planning and action

On November 26, 2012, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Secretary Raymond A. Skinner and Maryland Department of Planning Secretary Richard E. Hall announced the designation of Baltimore City under the state's Sustainable Communities Act of 2010.

Its goals include supporting housing, transportation, economic development, and neighborhood revitalization. This program means added support for strengthening redevelopment initiatives, stimulating the local economy, and creating job opportunities in the Region to help reduce Baltimore City’s poverty level and unemployment rate.  

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It is important to recognize that poverty levels and unemployment rates puts stress on the environment whereas environmental problems cause severe suffering to the extreme low income families.

It's crucial to invest in sustainable development resources and practices in Baltimore City; it promotes health, well-being and a responsible environmental footprint that improves efficiency and saves on long term cost. Building sustainably also paves the way for social programs like resident green education services - adding value and purpose to communities.

High quality development creates valuable returns for our communities. 


Modern Housing Complex

Housing and Community Development



Partner with a neighborhood association looking to remediate blighted and vacant properties

Community Involvement

Promote community planning & investment, economic development, and homeownership

Build Communities 

Enhance quality of life through dedicated funding sources and housing & community development